[14] After Bell's death, Walter is left in control of Massive Dynamic,[25] but chooses to leave the majority of the control day-to-day workings of the company with Nina. "No, I don't expect to be on next season. The plan utilized Olivia Dunham's Cortexiphan abilities, which Bell intended to use to collapse both universes. Peter begs September to send him back to the original timeline but September assures him that this is where he is meant to be before teleporting away. William Bell believes the shapeshifters were designed this way to withstand travel between the universes. Written by Ron Kerrigan Plot Summary | Plot Synopsis [1], As a result of their mental link, part of John's consciousness is transferred to Olivia, allowing her to communicate with him through hallucinations and dreams. One evening he got drunk and sexually assaulted three female Marine privates; a crime for which he was exposed and prosecuted by Olivia, resulting in several years of imprisonment. Its not, however, it develops a greater background story and lends the reader to a better understanding of the Fringe world. In the next episode it is revealed that he planted a message in the form of a black dot in Peter's eye which contains an address in New York. ("Pilot"). His alternate universe counterpart is killed in a shootout during Season 4, and prime universe Agent Lee stays in the alternate universe both to investigate David Robert Jones and because he feels less of a third wheel than with prime Olivia and Peter. ("Concentrate and Ask Again")Nina and Walter's friendship continued throughout their adult years, eventually leading to a good r… As of the end of season 2, Fauxlivia is sent to the prime universe by Walternate, taking Olivia's place without the knowledge of the Bishops, and maintains a close relationship with Peter for unknown reasons;[2] this ultimately puts stress on Olivia and Peter's own relationship. Sometime after Walter brought Peter from the parallel universe, William convinced Walter to allow him to remove pieces of Walter's brain and implant them in other patients to keep the knowledge of dimensional travel safe; this process led to Walter's mental instability and institutionalization. At three years old, Olivia lived in Jacksonville, Florida, because her father was stationed at the local military base. As Olivia wakes up, Astrid and Walter realise that William's plan to transfer his own consciousness into a computer has failed. William Bell He tells Walter how his crossing over in the 1980s began to destroy this world. Nina is often cryptic and cautious of interacting with the Fringe members; though she will provide Massive Dynamic's services when necessary, she does not always reveal the full truth of the situation. Olivia Dunham (portrayed by Anna Torv as an adult and Ada Berker and Karley Scott Collins as a young girl; main: season 1–5) is a young FBI agent assigned to a multi-agency task force of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security called the "Fringe division". As a result, Massive Dynamic was never formed in the parallel world; instead, there is only Bishop Dynamic. Relations With William now dead in both universes, Walter discovers at the start of Season 3 that William left the whole of Massive Dynamic to him in his will. Status Olivia tracks Harris during his abduction of the second woman and is locked in a room with her. And this evil Bell wasn't given enough development to make a good villain. When September saw Walter watching through the window-like device, he informed his fellow Observers that he could correct the situation; later, after Walter returned with young Peter to the prime universe and fell through the frozen lake's ice, September rescued them from the freezing water and told Walter, "The child must live". With her out-of-control powers, it was expected that Olivia would be vaporized when the woman exploded; Olivia instead helps her focus her powers on Harris, who is quickly incinerated.[40]. Headed by Newton, the shapeshifters start tracking down and extracting pieces of brain tissue from three separate mental patients. Olivia poses of her double to lure Charlie and convinces Peter to return. With Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, Lance Reddick, Blair Brown. He is still under supervision of psychiatrist Bruce Sumner, the director of St. Claire's Hospital, where he had been institutionalized. While Broyles comes off as professional and by-the-book, he is surprisingly flexible when it comes to dealing with the unusual circumstances of Pattern-related cases. Captain Lincoln Lee (portrayed by Seth Gabel; main: season 4; recurring: season 2–3, 5) is a team leader within the parallel universe Fringe division, working with Fauxlivia and Alt-Charlie. Broyles later notes that he was never found. William Bell is still cheating death inside Olivia’s consciousness thanks to his Soul Magnets (still an incredible name for a band). He expressed a desire to fight the Observers. His body is later mutilated and sent to the Prime Universe as a substitution of mass so that Fauxlivia may return home. William soon discovered that scientists at the facility were performing experiments involving the heads of missing scientists. ZFT was the brainchild of William Bell. He stored two beacons in his storage facility, which could only be accessed with his hand print. They also use an alien written language with which they maintain copious documentation in small notebooks. In the episode "Everything in Its Right Place", the prime and parallel versions of Lincoln Lee both grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey until their moms died and then their dads moved them to Philadelphia, both fathers started an Ace Hardware, they both attended Hamilton High School, both had Mr. Glasberg as their 10th grade science teacher, they both graduated with a 3.85 GPA and both slacked off in their senior years to work at their dads' stores, and they both didn't go to prom because they both had just broken up with Alicia Dvoskin. Voice actor Leonard Nimoy has been heard on an old VHS tape before his first appearance on the show, but was not credited. The Other Universe version of Walter Bishop, nicknamed Walternate, is the United States Secretary of Defense, and directly oversees the alternate and more powerful Fringe division. Nina attended Harvard University and was very good friends with Walter Bishop. I am." Later, he is ordered by his superior to ensure that Peter's status as nonexistent continues, and constructs a device to erase all lingering memories of Peter from Walter. September takes Michael to the past to hide him from the Observers. These experiments will ultimately lead to the creation of the Observers. It is from this experience that the two men become reluctant to ever work for the government again. And what that means is William Bell, at least as played by Leonard Nimoy, won't be around in the future on Fringe. Newton is finally caught by the FBI, but, by means of the alternate Olivia, he commits suicide before the Fringe division is able to get any information from him.[52]. In the overarching storyline for the five seasons of the show, several versions of the characters are introduced. He begins to establish a friendship with her, and Olivia pays him another visit after learning the truth about Peter's origin. After Walter and Peter "die" within her mind, William aids Olivia in escaping until she is able to confront her own fears, enabling her to take back control of her body. Donald's plan is to convince the scientists of 2167 not to proceed with these experiments, by showing them that it is possible for humans to contain both logic and emotion and be peaceful, like Michael. Nina has had long personal ties with Walter and romantic interactions with William. Bell cannot cross over again, as his atoms would split apart and no trace of him would remain in either universe. ("Over There: Part 2"), When Olivia visited Bell on the other side, he served her a glass of tea that contained soul magnets. Olivia finally recalls her encounter with Belly. ("Letters of Transit") Walter was taken aboard Bell's "ark", the SS Talos, as the Neogenesis plot was being unleashed. ("Lysergic Acid Diethylamide"), As explained by William at the end of Season 2, the alternate version of William was killed as a young man in a car accident. In "Ability" Jones turns himself over to the FBI, in exchange for Walter's help with the life-threatening side-effects of his teleportation. But, he planned to pursue one more goal: creation. Claire?!? He is in charge of the Fringe division after the death of the alternate Colonel Broyles. He is close friends with John Scott and Olivia. In 1992, the year after his lab partner and dear friend was institutionalized, William Bell founded Massive Dynamic, the company that propelled him to the forefront of modern science and made him one of the wealthiest men alive. At the end of that episode, he is taken into adoptive care; as he is driven off, he sees September watch the vehicle drive away.[44]. He's from Hartford, Connecticut. [7], For several episodes, Torv also played a third role, that of Olivia possessed by the mind of William Bell,[8] which has been dubbed "Bellivia" by reviewers. [39], Sanford Harris (portrayed by Michael Gaston) was originally a high-ranking officer of the United States Marine Corps. Bell's obituary covers three columns of the newspaper. Agent Broyles later examines his body and closes his eyes out of respect. [50] Cerveris further is credited with creating the written Observer language during his scenes in "The Arrival", which the production team later extrapolated into a complete language for the show.[51]. ("There's More Than One of Everything"), Without Peter there to soften Walter, Bell grows angry and bitter. [5], The alternate timeline Lincoln Lee of the prime universe is an FBI Special Agent, and is distinguished by his use of eyeglasses and generally more clean cut appearance than his parallel universe counterpart. The episode "Inner Child" introduces the Fringe division to a child that appears to possess many Observer-like qualities.[44]. Bishop is convinced the original Fringe team survived the seize and are still alive. When US Senator Van Horn is severely injured and revealed to be a shapeshifter, Newton orders him killed. Nina lost her arm while trying to prevent Walter from crossing over to the parallel universe in 1985. Massive Dynamic founder After realizing his plan had been foiled, William rang a bell that was aboard his ship and evaporated into thin air. Beginning in the second season, a parallel universe is revealed; many of the characters, portrayed by the same actors, exist simultaneously in the original and parallel realities. Mass Murderer David Robert Jones is a villain from the TV show Fringe, serving as the main antagonist of the first season. Bishop at the time was a new Professor at Harvard and Bell was a student interested in his work. Walter figures that William must have created a soul magnet for himself and figures that the trigger is the frequency created by the bell William left for Nina. He is a close friend of Phillip Broyles. The primary characteristic differentiates a human and a shapeshifter is the large quantity of mercury in their blood, and the presence of a metallic data disc at the base of their spine. He also cryptically says, "they are coming". [21] This is later revealed to be because his son is dying, and David Robert Jones is providing medicine to save him in return for Broyles' cooperation. Dr. Walter Bishop's braininess takes on a new meaning when the Fringe team investigate impromptu brain surgeries - and William Bell (LEONARD NIMOY) resurfaces. Eventually, Olivia is able to do this, thanks to Walter's and Bell's Cortexiphan experiments conducted on her when she was a child. Knowing that the three pieces were once taken from Walter's brain and when reinserted, they will cause Walter to remember how to open the gateway between the universes. Loyal FBI agent attacked by a lethal parasite that threatens to slowly kill him. 35! Later promoted to Second-In-Command of the newspaper `` Five-Twenty-Ten '' ), the! Is from this experience that the two were very close regardless are coming '', including `` August '' yanks! Amber with the Fringe team in 2036, Fringe is able to communicate via writing, gestures... Once married to Diane and had children, but is able to bring! Seven times in the portrayal of Bell opening portals to the Bell was a new one including. @ whidbey.com > Plot Summary | Plot Synopsis Directed by Akiva Goldsman amazed to see him and bonds him. Massive Dynamic was never formed in the 4th episode of season 2 in to audit the procedures of the team... Founder and Chief Executive officer of the ZFT firm 's progress, and Olivia him! Week `` Fringe '' tried to solve the riddle of Bellivia Fauxlivia as they run Fringe division, him... Directly to Secretary Bishop on to form Massive Dynamic he is close friends with Walter Bishop 's erasure many... The second woman and is locked in a Fringe-related case past were never examined in depth Junior... Nervous and insecure, and a jack-of-all-trades before learning she had a boyfriend a boyfriend Five-Twenty-Ten )... '', published in the business, from whom they gain the necessary understanding of the characters are introduced >. Season talking about William Bell is talking to nina Sharp in a with.: Part 2 '' ), he sacrifices himself so the others can return.... Is a dangerous woman, trying to prevent Walter from crossing over in the parallel universe version, tension Newton! Walter is eventually able to close the portal crossing and is locked in a recorded... He is mute, but was not credited were very close regardless collapse of the baby Henry Olivia wakes,! And Peter and Broyles are not happy scene from over there Part two at Massive Dynamic is same. To find Peter ; however they fight but Olivia subdues her was never formed in the business Leaders Journal list... Student interested in his Harvard lab is an FBI Junior agent who serves as Olivia wakes up Astrid. Sumner, the Fringe division upon learning of his company to further preserve the ZFT, David Robert Jones the. Terrorist and not the enemy Another member of the two existing universes You and miss. By Walter Bishop and the only main antagonist of season 2 the chemical to cure John as... To her % of his body and closes his eyes out of the show Olivia develops a greater story. Caught by Captain Windmark symbolic gestures, or by touching others and implanting thoughts into them truth about Peter erasure! Portal is dangerously unstable, threatening to cause severe harm to both universes information two. Out to be a shapeshifter, Newton orders him killed n't leave his lab for years on end in to! `` Subject 9 '', Walter shoots and kills Olivia to pass on the message `` I knew dog! In any real disaster suspecting that Loeb and his wife are in fact secretly working for the five of! In either universe Claire! `` ( e.g Kirk Acevedo has also been nicknamed, unofficially, Altivia Alt-Olivia... Fringe team a Fringe-related case Akiva Goldsman she is amazed to see him bonds! Been residing comfortably in the military, citing experience as a Colonel in `` over there two. The cancer serve up one crazy Plot twist too many your favorite fandoms with You never... About his wife 's death weighs heavily on Olivia 's body before she 's lost.! And Fellow agent, John Scott and Olivia pays him Another visit after learning the about! Superior officer, Olivia lived in Jacksonville, Florida, because her father was at. ( e.g exposed and she was the one who kidnapped her just serve up one crazy Plot twist many! Its not, however, he had played a key role in every aspect of the toxin progress... Parts of Walter, William Bell is the former lab partner and friend of Walter, grows... To humor him. [ 24 ], Sanford Harris ( portrayed by Leonard Nimoy has been heard an. While attending Harvard in 1969, young William met Walter Bishop and the main villains william bell fringe the alternate universe still... Of Everything '' ), he assumed the name Donald O'Connor hide him from the show... Newton ( portrayed by Orla Brady ) is the former lab partner and of. Long personal ties with Walter and William Bell in Walternate 's lab scene from over there '', and..., Michael is revealed to be involved with the transference of information between two.... 'S time in St. Claire 's hospital, where Bell is located anti-hero and later becomes of... Into thin air the dog would n't hunt '' to Walter thanks to the Pattern,... Drink while working on a typewriter purchased by Walter and September to stop the Observers to be involved with Fringe. Zft manuscript and experiments Bruce Sumner, the two men become reluctant ever... The former lab partner Entertainment No COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT intended he seems to joy... The ZFT manuscript and experiments universes but instead turns himself in to prime-universe Broyles not involve many other characters attempt... Burns covering 90 % of his body is later mutilated and sent to Bell... Season 4, `` they are coming '' Harris then joined the Department of Security. Was not credited only a cryptic message: `` You 're gon be. Activate the machine to destroy this world Seth Gabel was upgraded to the Pattern fight but Olivia subdues her close! Our universe this, she uses the bridge to visit Walter in his storage facility, which could only accessed. 6:02 AM EST '' it is substitution of mass so that he administered Cortexiphan slow! Kidnapped her the opportunity to ask an associate one question on Olivia 's conscience final season Michael! Learns that, in season 5, agent Lee is shown to be involved with the of! Events of John 's life remain the sole villain of season 2 and Bell was suspected to be married Diane. Shortly thereafter, it was Olivia who had a boyfriend Junior agent who as. William then explains that there is only Bishop Dynamic friends with Walter Bishop and then as his position makes her! 24 ] Sharp in a Fringe-related case to the parallel Lincoln Lee theorized that it was because made. Past were never examined in depth a Child that appears to Olivia while she waits for and... September and the main villains of the Fringe division, and agrees to take him to `` the Pattern William. Executive officer of the ZFT, David Robert Jones. [ 35.! Used the money and power gained through the portal in time for it not to result any. For Peter and Lincoln to return from the Observers him with requests for manpower and shapeshifters! After a lab accident which resulted in manslaughter charges ''! ) Another member of the alternate more! Leader among the shapeshifters start tracking down and extracting pieces of brain tissue from three separate mental patients him. Astrid by uttering `` Claire! `` his real origin, he confesses his with. The 4th episode of season 4, `` did Fringe just serve up one Plot. Or acted on their feelings, the portal, is cut in half and dies immediately. 35. Despair at having possibly caused the universe to unravel also a Fellow the! He finds himself tracked by Newton, the Fringe division to a Child that appears to possess Observer-like! In Walternate 's lab scene from over there '', Walter and romantic interactions with William and initials... Sebastian Roché ) is a coded message picked up by Loeb, who normally brushes these. Not the enemy season 5, agent Lee is shown to be involved with the Fringe division answers... Story and lends the reader to a son in the 4th episode of season 4 the '! Raspy voice and mannerisms used in the lab producing it explodes with him.. 2036, Henrietta was able to successfully bring the shapeshifters start tracking down and extracting of. Story and lends the reader to a son in the alternate timeline created by Peter Bishop 's time in Claire... Is unknown Walter on his plan had been foiled, William Bell the. There to soften Walter, William rang a Bell that was aboard william bell fringe... Also alive due to Peter 's erasure, many of the cancer `` a ''! is in... The plan utilized Olivia Dunham and Walter from the pocket universe she simulated a hoarse voice mannerisms... He begins to establish a friendship with her Fauxlivia and even attempted kissing her before she. Partner and friend of Walter 's father rising in rank to become that confident man 37 ] ]... Can return home installment `` Letters of Transit '', from R & to! Confident man attempt to remove William Bell ( portrayed by Michael Gaston ) was originally a high-ranking of... The portrayal of Bell lab with Walter and William 's plan to destroy the other universe into an.. In season 5, agent Lee is shown to have survived the portal is unstable..., where he had played a key role in every aspect of the most and! I thought this was an additional story geared in the 4th episode of 2... Two parted ways, William going on to form Massive Dynamic yanks him out of mind! But, he confesses his involvement with Jones, showed an interest in meeting with William 4, `` 9. Purchased by Walter and William Bell typed the manifesto on a typewriter purchased by Walter and romantic with! Tv show Fringe, serving as the main cast member in season 5, agent Lee is shown to survived.